2 comments on “Gallery at a Glance

  1. Joann, I just discovered you via a poem on Catholic Lane! During April, I am promoting the work of living Catholic poets, and so will order two copies (how to choose between them???) of one of your books (one to keep, one to give away). Will you be coming to the Sacred Arts Conference in Omaha in September?? I would so love to meet you personally. Our hearts seem like ‘twins’ already, judging from the Lioness page. That conference is dear to my heart as it will help the Faces of Christ collection get viewed and connect Catholic artists to Catholic patrons…also, I’m giving a talk called “The Poet as Troublemaker”. Anyway, thanks for your poetry, and I’ll be hoping to meet you in September. Charlotte

    • Thank you Charlotte for the praise. It is encouraging. I praise God especially when hearts can meet in love of Jesus Christ.
      I will not be at the conference, but I willl be praying that God bless you and all who meet in this blessed enterprise. Joann

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