One comment on “Islam and Isis – Faith and Reason-EWTN Video

  1. The Quran is so fragmented that only one story in it is contextual from beginning to end.
    It was recited over 23 years and compiled from 300,000 to 600,000 verses and numerous sources. It was edited down to 7,250 verses.
    The Hadiths, or commentaries, were assembled about 200 to 250 years after Muhammad in order to add clarity to the Quran, which was supposed to be so perfect that no literary writing could ever match it’s meaning and clarity.

    Hadith Sahih Bukhaari 1:3 Muhammad meets a spirit in a cave and is brutalized until he is frightened, and he becomes suicidal.

    Hadith Sahih Bukhaari 9:111 Muhammad says Allah told him to attack and plunder the infidels until the whole world submitted to Islam

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